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29/10/2018 21:52 Message non lu

This project is a continuation of the previous https://kck.st/2O2czJ5

We received many requests asking us if we had ever produced the miniatures that were stetch goals in the previous project and then we decided to present this new campaign where we put all the previous stretch goals at our disposal ..

They will be available in a single kit or can also be taken individually.

In addition, for those who will join the campaign in the first 72 h will be made an excusive miniature for each single KIT "Underground Support" bought .. if one will take more kits will receive more free copies of the exclusive

At this link https://kck.st/2PPDsAO instead you can see the new campaign that will leave for the month of November !!!

Follow our page https://bit.ly/2EKmHpJ to know the next news !!!


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